By IC! Berlin

Black, Graphit, Grau, Schwarz


onono titan cultivates a deep connection to its origin in „onono the very few“ — all while maintaining a contrary point of view. onono the very few is timeless, perennial. inseparable from ralph anderl. his face is the constant: it always remains. a new designer. new glasses. 49 collections of 6 horn- and 6 metall-rimmed glasses in 49 years.


onono titan is timeless — but it never stays the same. the thing that makes it all possible: every face of onono titan is exactly 40 years old at the time of the photo shoot. this evolving collection never ages. it is created by different designers. some frame models are replaced. others are added. a limited collection in relentless pursuit of perfection. never more than 50 models with 50 systematic names: that is onono titan.

every pair of onono titan frames stands for consummate form and quality.


onono titan. the name stands for exceptional craftsmanship and design. the venue: berlin’s backfabrik. prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, it all happens on location. made in berlin — with its own dedicated production. a collection designed to surpass the highest standards. its principle material: titanium: feather light, flexible, and corrosion resistant — not to mention pvd-coated. a pair of glasses as quickly taken apart as put back together again. onono titan brings the ic! berlin’s patented, screwless hinge system to its fullest design expression. 3D printed clips make it possible, the gentlest movement of the temple pieces you can imagine.


timeless eyewear with consummate form. handcrafted in berlin.
each pair paving a path to the perfect collection — that is onono titan.


the peak of formal perfection, down to the smallest detail. passion reflected in every timeless curve. onono titan embodies impressive simplicity, but never falls back on the expected. unconventional, yet easy to wear. a collection kept fresh by a rotating crew of designers. innovation as multifaceted and unique as the faces that will wear it. design made in berlin.


screws have a habit of going missing. onono titan doesn’t use them. a unique, screwless hinge system forms an uncompromising grip to the temple pieces — all with an easily removed clip. it makes for a pair of glasses that takes just seconds to take apart or reassemble.


titanium frames and temples come together to form the pinnacle of comfort. every piece pvd-coated. at only 8 grams an onono TITAN frame is so light, you’ll forget you’re wearing glasses at all. the material: titan: sturdy, yet flexible. exactly like the person wearing them. built to keep their shape. corrosion resistant. antiallergenic. it all comes down to onono titan’s commitment to craftsmanship.


fold them up. whip them out. all without a sound and with exceptional ease of movement. the 3D printed clips make it possible.


glasses have to fit. onono titan frames fit like no other. silicone pads at the nose and temple tips. maximum wearing comfort. no unsightly pressure points.


ultraflexible titanium finished with slip-proof silicone — a perfect combination for optimal comfort.