By Haffmans & Neumeister

female, Gold, Graphit, Rosé

Iconic Eyewear

It begins with the classics. The Line Collection design concept is based on the most iconic eyewear shapes: Round, Oval, Panto, Aviator, Cat Eye and American Square. The development of each individual model involves an in-depth study of these foundational forms, streamlined into flat metal. With frames that are undeniably contemporary, Line is a collection for everyone.

Twenty years of experience handcrafting sheet metal eyewear—a technique originally pioneered by co-founder Philipp Haffmans—culminate under one roof in our Berlin headquarters. Here the processes of experimentation, creation and production are able to interact and influence each other to bring you the best product we possibly can.

From a Surface to a Line

The Ultralight Collection transforms surface to line—from flat metal to wire. An exceptionally thin cut out creates a wire-like cross-section of sheet metal. Classic shapes are paired with a new hinge to accompany this reduced design. The models in the Ultralight collection convey the characteristics of a fine piece of jewelry. This is the subtle art of reduction.

Shapes and Colors

The P60 Collection plays with the confident and optimistic spirit born in the wake of the 1968 student revolution. During this experimental era, classic yet tame eyewear designs were transformed: suddenly frames were oversized, vibrantly colored, and expressive—even excessive. The P60 Collection emerges as a modern take on the aesthetic revolution of spectacle shapes; a celebration of the times.

Disguise and Irritation

The Phasmid Collection is radical. It is the statement of creative freedom which moves Haffmans & Neumeister outside of convention. The collection is focused on the infancy of eyewear, its origin story, and, ultimately, on the transformative qualities of a pair of glasses. Adverse to norms, the Phasmid collection creates a new design language; it is the forefront of technical possibilities and the avant-garde…

The name Phasmid derives from the insect group Phasmatodea. An Ancient Greek word for phantom or apparition, these insects have evolved to appear to look like sticks or leaves. It is a fascinating act of pretending to be something other than what they are. The Haffmans & Neumeister Phasmid collection is dedicated to those who are also attracted to acts of metamorphosis.

Take advantage of transformation possibilities and choose where you want to time travel to: Models Morphine and Opium are inspired by mid-19th century Chinese eyewear fashions during the smoke-filled Opium Wars. Round Absinthe and tiny oval Laudanum summon the time of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley or of Voltaire – be transported to their Swiss Villa gardens, under the fresh summer sky, daydreaming of galvanization or “the best of all possible worlds”.

All styles are finished with our special Argentum coating. The lens colorways are based on those that would have served “medical” purposes in those eras, e.g., in order to cure depression or hysteria. Enjoy Litmus Blue, Potassium Violet, or Amber Brown.